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Founded in July of 2010, Bueno Joe’s vision is to be a popular, trendy, and relevant daily online stop for the public to discover videos, and the aforementioned local and/or national people, places and products. Bueno Joe will provide a forum and interactive polls for its users and visitors to connect and share personal experiences and opinions.

Bueno Joe: Behind the Burro

A long time ago (May 5, 2010) in a call center far far away sat a sad and lonely burro. With his amigos neglected, hanging from the walls, torn to pieces on the floor, or crumpled in the garbage, one burro sat untouched on a break room table. With day old spaghetti to his left and a mixed berry smoothie to his right, this donkey stood strong. Not affected by the condensation from the smoothie cup migrating in his direction, he kept his head held high and ears pointed toward his long departed abuela in the sky.

Little known to the burro, the cleaning crew was nearing.  Soon the pristine blanket draping over his back and the shine of his shoes would be mixed in with discarded coffee grounds, old bags of Lipton tea, and boxes of used chicken fried steak frozen dinners.Before certain death by pot pie came to fruition, a man saw the steed. A man, a Reverend, saw the twinkle in his eye and decided on this day, this Cinco De Mayo, that the burro would be spared. The reverend took the burro back to his department and the people welcomed him with open arms. He was adored, received his own quote of the day, was pinned with five tails and eventually given a name…Bueno Joe!