Minivan or SUV: Which is better for a big family?

As the size of your family grows, you will find the need to trade up to a bigger vehicle to haul them all in. Buying a family car is not easy a decision as it sounds; there is a lot to consider if you want a family car that is perfect for your needs. You need a family car that has three rows of seating. This limits your choices to two types of vehicles, minivans and sport-utility vehicles (SUVs). Both vehicles are popular among families but choosing between the two is often challenging. This is because there are as many similarities as there are differences between the two.

The best way to figure out which between the SUV and the minivan is more suitable for your big family is to compare the best of both.



Power sliding doors

Minivans have doors that slide open with the push of a button ( ).  With the power sliding doors, you do not have to worry about over enthusiastic kids swinging the doors open and hitting vehicles parked next to you. Additionally, you will not have to drop everything, which might include a baby on your hip, groceries, a diaper bag or another kid trailing behind you to open all the doors or deal with car seats.

Fuel economy

Minivans tend to have better fuel economy than SUV’s in the same size range. This is because minivans are built on a car platform hence do not tow as much as SUVs. However, modern SUV’s have been refurbished to get better gas mileage so the difference in fuel economy is not as huge as it once was.


The roominess of the minivan is its main characteristic. It has the capacity to carry a lot of stuff and comfortably taxi around up to 8 people. Three-row SUV’s also have a seating capacity of 8 but that does not mean that they can comfortably ferry 8 adults. In addition to a larger seating capacity, the seats in most minivans can be folded down to increase cargo room in the back.

Step in height

The lower entry height allows kids and dogs to comfortably step in and out of the minivan with no risk of injury. Lifting them in and out of an SUV can be very tiring.


Sport-utility vehicle (SUV)

Sport-utility vehicle

Larger engine

SUVs have larger engines than minivans. This means they have more power, handle and capability. They are ideal for towing trailers, boats or jet skis and transporting heavy loads or a large group of people. This makes them great multi-purpose vehicles.


Unlike minivans, which have a limited variety of models, SUVs come in a wide variety of large, mid-size and small size models. For more details go to this website:

Four wheel drive

The 4×4 capability of the SUV makes it ideal for off-road driving or driving during tough winters. It is able to handle harsh driving conditions better than the minivan.

A “cooler” option

The minivan may be a practical vehicle but their image is a problem to most people. The SUV on the other hand gives the image of adventure and fun since it is a sports vehicle. This makes it more preferable to urban families.

Which is better?

The choice of which vehicle is better is up to you. Taking the time to research the pros and cons of each vehicle is highly recommended. The best way to do this is to find a friendly dealer who will allow you to take a test drive of each vehicle for a whole day. Drive around with your family so that they can each give their opinion of what they like and dislike about each vehicle. With this information, you can then decide which of the two vehicles best suits the needs of your family.