Movie Review: “The Roommate”

When I heard about Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester starring together in a thriller about college girls, I knew this was one film I wasn’t going to be able to pass up.  Being the dedicated journalist that I am, I went out on Superbowl Sunday, braved the insanely busy theater, and saw it.  Continue reading, for our full review, and the trailer for the film!

Synopsis: College student Sara finds her safety jeopardized after she’s assigned to a dorm room with a new roommate, Rebecca.

The acting was very good, for a college thriller.  First of all, when casting a movie starring 3 hot college girls, it’s hard to go wrong with Minka Kelly, Leighton Meester and Alyson Michalka, but they all did superb in their roles.  Minka Kelly did a great job as the naive, first year college student from Iowa.  Alyson Michalka, played the drunken party girl very well.  In my opinion, though, the best acting in the movie had to go to Leighton Meester.  She goes from playing a happy, giggly young girl to a complete psychopath and back again, more than once in this movie and pulls it off very well.  Even the scenes where she just sits and stares, are truly creepy. You can almost feel what has to be going on in her characters head when you look into her eyes.

The story, while definitely not a new concept, was delivered well. Movies about psychotic roommates, boyfriends, neighbors, etc, have been done more times than I can count over the years, but it’s a style of movie that never fails to entertain.  This movie played out the story well, being careful not to give too much away too early, but showing enough of what was to come to heighten the anticipation and building it up more as the movie went on.

Overall, the film was, at it’s heart, your typical psychopath thriller. It’s one of those movies that if you don’t ever see it, you won’t come back in a few years feeling like you missed out on a big movie event in your life.  However, thriller fans should definitely go see it.  Hell, even if you aren’t a thriller fan, it has very hot girls, fighting, kissing and having sex, and yes, for you ladies out there, it has some decent male actors as well.  The movie was well written, well acted and creepy when it needed to be.  If it wasn’t for the fact that it’s basically a re-hashing of the same old storyline we’ve all seen before, it would definitely be on the must see list!