App of the Week – Blood & Glory

Grab your weapons and get into the Colosseum, it’s time to fight!  This week I present an app that will let you live out the fantasy of being a gladiator.  It’s just like the movie Gladiator…or Braveheart!

Blood & Glory

If you love fighting games, Blood & Glory is by far the best bang you get get for your buck, and by buck, I mean FREE!  Yep…FREE.  If that isn’t enough to entice you, allow me to continue.  The graphics are amazing (think Infinity Blade style), and the controls are intuitive and fun to use.  Attacking, blocking and dodging are accomplished by tapping, holding or swiping across the touchscreen, no annoying virtual buttons to worry about.  You play through a series of tournaments, getting progressively harder until the end.  There are 8 regular tournaments and 2 elite tournaments.  I do wish the game was longer, but for a free game that looks this good, replay won’t be a problem.  There also isn’t much of a story, you just select a tournament and start fighting, this may put some people off, but I’ve found it really doesn’t bother me much, especially when I just want a fun game to pass a few minutes of boredom.